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What My Clients Have To Say

Tammy has been a pretty influential part of my life for over a year now. Like a car needs a tune up, so do our bodies. When she gets to work on me and my energies/chakras/

mind, it's evident that she is powerful. I have gained not only a friend in Tammy, but I feel that I have given myself one of the best self-care regiments with integrating her into my life. I highly recommend opening your heart and space to Tammy. Your state of mind and over all life balance will be better for it.

- Corey Lebeck

I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE her! This morning she not only gave me a reading (I needed to hear) but we cleaned my Chakra, went over some crystals, and just had a very good session! I highly recommend. I love Tammy, for a million reasons, she's a wonderful, knowledgeable lady that always has something you need to hear. She helps me balance and heal and makes me happy. I am looking forward to a book she is working on, and workshops she offers. Ahe is a good person and YES please check her out!

- Dawn Duffy

Tammy has such an incredible gift! Her intuitive abilities to connect with energy as well as her guides, helps her hone in on exacctly what you need during your session. Her extensive knowledge of herbs and holistic approaches are huge added bonuses. She takes the whole client approach and uses practical healing modalities to help assist you on your healing journey in her own unique way. Tammy takes adequate time for her sessions to check in. I love the fact that Tammy helps give you the tools and knowledge to help you become a more empowered version of yourself. She helps you become aware of your gifts (and blockages) and helps place you in the driver seat of your soul journey.

- Melissa C

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