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1:1 Emerging Soul Coaching

Helping you to shine your light.

  • 1 hour
  • 1,555 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

My 3-month Coaching Program is perfect for you if you are ready to *Heal and connect with your intuition so you can truly trust yourself *Recognize your purpose while embracing all that is possible for you *Help you to lean into your intuitive abilities and embrace your spirituality *Expand your igniting soul to feel unconditional love and true connection Empowering individuals to identify with their soul lessons, spiritual gifts, and ultimately explore their life soul’s purpose. Teaching skills and tools that the individual can use in their daily lives that can create transformational growth with pivotal results. Infusing the energy aspect teaching you how you can protect and improve your energy. In addition, the clients are taught how to communicate with their higher self and often give dynamic, guided meditation where deep relaxation, releasing blocks, feeling calm, peaceful, tranquil and where healing begins. My focus is on the whole-body approach while the client becomes empowered and takes responsibility in creating the life they want to live. Focusing on mindfulness and meditations, benefiting from higher consciousness. While working together I will connect with your energetic body and look at the energetic body as a whole. We will look at the Chakra system and Meridians within the body, releasing what is blocked or stagnant allowing flow for growth and expansion. By accessing the energetic system, I will help you to identify, heal, and clear any stagnant or blocked energy that is stopping you from connecting and listening to your own intuition and your own collective of guides. We will work on the Soul level of energy while sharing with some self-care practices that will help you to nourish your body, mind and spirit to anchor growth and expansion of your intuitive abilities in the physical world. • All 60 minute calls are recorded via Zoom • We will meet twice a week. One day is a teaching day, the second day is a meditation/journey *You will receive a Journal, Essential Oil blend and a crystal at the start of our Session

Cancellation Policy

There is a no refund policy on any classes. Please show up on time and ready to learn and have fun.

Contact Details


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