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My Purpose

Empower & Heal

My mission is to empower and open others to a spiritual relationship of clarity and owning your personal power so that you can live in alignment with your soul's true purpose.

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Founder, Pure Health Essentials LLC

Professional Background

Founder, Pure Health Essentials LLC

Education and Background

April 2016 - January 2021

I studied at Aromahead Institute, an accredited school, with Andrea Butje where I studied the therapeutic properties and uses of essential oils and Aromatherapy, I continued my education with Demetria Clark on Herbalism, and with Lara Gutherie, Qi Do School of Complementary Healing. I am a Reiki master and certified in Reiki and Crystals. Following my certifications I became a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Who I Am and What I Do

My Background

I started my holistic care journey 17 years ago after experiencing several major surgeries and constantly going to the doctor and not finding any answers. I began creating my own holistic medicinal products to help with my own healing and discovered the amazing properties of various natural bath and body products. After doing some research I realized that there were many toxic chemicals in our home products and I wanted a healthier environment for my family to live in by using natural alternatives for our personal care and medicinal use whenever possible. 

I wanted to make a change and help others see the benefits of all natural products, aromatherapy, and herbalism. I began sharing my passion with my family and friends and they loved the products so much they encouraged me to keep pursuing my education in holistic healing. I was fortunate enough to apply my skills and knowledge to create wonderful products and start my own business! I love being able to share effective, natural alternatives to use in your everyday life that are safe for you and your family!

As I studied more holistic approaches I realized I had unknowingly incorporated many practices that were taught to me from my grandmother.  I have been practicing intuition in one form or another my whole life with my abilities to see energies and colors as a child, more abilities in clairvoyance came as a teenager and then full blown divination in my early 20s.


Now I am a Spiritual Alchemist and Energy Healer. I assist people manifest the lives they have always desired and inspire them to connect to their higher selves and embrace their soul’s life purpose. By exploring one’s Chakra system I see and feel their blockages within, and channel energy to release them, helping facilitate healing.

I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband of 30 plus years and I have two adult children who also have varying aspects of these abilities. I love cooking and being grounded in nature by either hiking, gardening, or soaking up the sun. I enjoy working with and meeting new people at spiritual workshops, retreats, and expositions and events where I can incorporate many modalities within my sessions as every individual’s session is unique to them.

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